Titanoboa: Monster Snake - Titanoboa Vs. T-Rex

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The Titanoboa is one of the greatest discoveries since the T-Rex -- a monster snake 48 feet long, weighing in at 2, pounds. Uncovered from a treasure trove of fossils in a Colombian coal mine, this serpent is revealing a lost world of giant creatures.
Titanoboa - Living approximately 60–58 million years ago, during the Paleocene epoch, Titanoboa is the largest, longest, and heaviest snake ever discovered. Researchers estimate that the largest individuals could have a total length of around 42 feet and weighed about 2, pounds.
snake ever found, Titanoboa. [MUSIC PLAYING] T-rex and Titanoboa lived in different times and on separate continents. But what if these two monsters met in a battle to the death? T-rex brings to the fight a bone crushing jaw, a bite force nearly twice a great white shark’s, powerful legs, and a thrashing tail. Titanoboa’s attack didn’t.
 · Titanoboa: Monster Snake - Titanoboa Vs. T-Rex Titanoboa,/tiˌtɑːnoʊˈboʊə/; signifying "titanic boa, is a terminated sort of snakes that lived around 60–58 million years back, amid the Paleocene epoch, a million-year time span instantly taking after the dinosaur annihilation event.
For #WorldSnakeDay, spend some time with this prehistoric snake that was 48 feet long and weighed in at 2, pounds. Stream Titanoboa: Monster Snake -.
T Rex Videos – Titanoboa: Monster Snake – Titanoboa Vs. T-Rex. Published on November 29, January 5, by dinosaurworld. It’s the ultimate battle of the predators – the monster snake’s unbelievable power against the tyrannosaurus’ giant bite.
 · Watch Titanoboa Monster Snake - Titanoboa Vs. T-Rex Animal Videos - video dailymotion - Whatsapp Amazing and Crazy Videos on dailymotionReleased on: September 29,
Dec 10, - From a fossil bed deep within Colombia’s Cerrejón coal mine emerges Titanoboa, the largest snake ever found. This Paleocene reptile—from the epoch following the dinosaurs’ demise—stretches our concept of what
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